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This is an archive of a dormant project.

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One For The Commons

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What is 14TC?

One for the Commons is an project designed to facilitate the flow of freely licensed, quality art from the fine arts and design community into the commons. Our goal is to help contemporary artists and creators make sure their work is established online in a sustainable fashion so that others can benefit from and share it. Our means are the Creative Commons public licenses combined with a lightweight website providing an interface to the commons through Wikipedia’s community filter. Our ends are the establishment of a new category of free works existing for the betterment of the arts and culture community.

Why should you participate in One for the Commons?

You gain an audience.

As Tim O’Reilly pointed out in a 2002 essay on publishing, obscurity is a far bigger threat to most content creators than is piracy. By placing your work online, you’ll immediately increase your exposure and gain audience who might not have otherwise been acquainted with your work. If your work is featured in a Wikipedia article, chances are it will come up in every Google search for your name.

Your work is presented & preserved in the way you want it to be.

Think of all those times your work has been represented or exhibited in a sub-optimal way due to issues with image resolution, cropping, or unnecessary editing. When you upload your work to the commons, you get to choose how it looks, and isn’t that what matters? Also, by pushing it out to the cloud, you’ll be ensuring it gets preserved for future generations. Hard drives fail and images are lost all of the time in the art world, why not let the commons take care of archiving it for you?

You are serving your community.

Art is a conversation, so its crucial that your peers and community have meaningful access to your work in order to include you and recognize your creativity. By placing your work online and into the commons, you’re…

Who should participate in One for the Commons?

If you already have an article on Wikipedia, but it is without multimedia, you are eligible to participate in 14TC.

Things to consider: Notability? Do you own all your art? Have you traded the exclusive rights to your own work? Do you want to release an image of your work (sculpture, screen shot, etc.) or the work itself to the commons?

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