One For The Commons


One for the Commons is an initiative to bolster the flow of freely licensed quality art from the fine arts and design community into the commons. The idea of remix culture, Open Source software, and a DIY ethos of sharing pervade much of the communities built around computing and creating. Like the music industry, and the publishing industry, the fine arts and design community has resisted this paradigm shift. Concerned that digital media and the Internet represent a threat to their control of their intellectual property, they risk obsoleting their cultural heritage to a generation of creators interested in public access, remix, and sharing. The fine arts should realize the opportunity at hand or suffer marginalization on a scale larger than even the culture wars provided.

We are asking living artists to dedicate some portion of their work to the commons through the use of one of two Creative Commons licenses or a waiver to place the work in the Public Domain.

To begin our search, we are using Wikipedia’s notability guidelines as the filter by which we judge historical importance. Which is to say, if a given artist has an entry on wikipedia that met the community’s guidelines for notability (i.e., it has not been submitted for deletion), we are interested in soliciting your work. If you do not yet have an entry, but believe think you should and want to be part of this project, let us know since Wikipedia community guidelines dictate that it is bad form to author your own wikipedia article.

Get Started

To get started, please visit our HOWTO section which includes a video explaining how to upload to the commons.

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