One For The Commons

How To

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Part 1: Requirements

Part 2: Filling out the Upload Form and Sending the file to WMC

  • Things you can fill out yourself:
    • Title of Your Work
    • Destination filename:
      • Choose a descriptive filename for your upload. A good example is “Temptation of Saint Anthony central panel by Bosch.jpeg”
    • Author
      • You should put your username in here, you can display it however you like by putting text after the | E.g. [[user:14tc|One for the Commons]] will be displayed as “One for the Commons” instead of our username 14tc.
    • Date Created
    • A concise description
      • This is mandatory, so don’t forget it! Write a bit about the work and make sure you choose the right language if you’re changing it from English.
  • Here’s how to fill out these sections:
    • Original Source
      • Write “Own work by uploader” if that text isn’t already there.
    • Additional Info
      • Write “One for the Commons Upload” here
    • Licensing
      • Choose a license you are comfortable with (the GFDL is essentially though not fully compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike)
    • Categories
      • Add “One for the Commons” as a category so that we can organize our uploads
      • There are many categories on Wikimedia Commons, try typing something like “Art” and you’ll see an autocomplete feature. Please place your work in at least a couple of categories.
    • Other versions
      • Leave this blank unless you are uploading a different version of a file that is already on WMC.
    • Permission
      • This is where you would place a link to your Flickr photo or your website demonstrating that the work is licensed in a particular way. Remember, Wikipedia takes sourcing very seriously and you should make it as clear as possible that you have the right to upload this work to WMC.

Part 3: Notification

  • Make sure to let us know that you’ve done this by emailing with a link to the Wikimedia Commons URL and your information.
  • Also consider visiting pages on Wikipedia that might use your photo and letting editors know that there is an image in WMC that might be useful to them.
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